Introducing Cooling Services KP

Our team of highly-trained technicians is ready and waiting to serve. Our installation, maintenance, and repair technicians are the best in the business because we’re determined to get your equipment set up properly. We focus on keeping you satisfied. There’s just something about keeping your home comfy and maintained that just makes us happy. You can get things fixed and ready to go with our assistance.

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We’ve been providing quality plumbing for years.

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HVAC Heat and Cooling

We specialize in residential and commercial heating services.

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Install TVs, Doors, Cabinets

We are experts in making and fixing home improvements.

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More Services

Our services are available for a wide range of items and equipment.

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Our Mission Statement

We’ll keep you comfortable and satisfied with the systems you have at home.

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Let’s Get Started

Why wait around? Our services help get things up and running to your satisfaction.

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Meet Our Team

We pride ourselves on being able to meet all of our client’s needs and provide high-quality services.

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Set an Appointment

We wouldn’t be getting anywhere if we don’t consult with you first. Schedule an appointment with us online.

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